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CACHOEIRA - Brazil back? The Brazilian presence at COP 28 in Dubai

CACHOEIRA; second edition; january 2024

“Brazil is back” was the slogan chanted to anyone who could hear the Brazilian government which took office in January this year. Led by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, one of the most charismatic Brazilian leaders in the world stage, the new administration made sure to renew its “active and haughty” foreign policy from which Lula thinks it should never have left. On all things climate, “being back” means that Brazil should regain a posture of climate leadership, a voice for the Global South in the face of inequality, and who knows, perhaps even the attitude of a global conscience in the matter, given the colossal weight of our country, the challenges of its people, and the natural heritage it holds dear (and no, it’s not just the Amazon!). What did come out from the Brazilian delegation in Dubai at COP 28, the largest of any Conference of the Parties in history, was more controversy and criticism than expected. In a way, Brazil was indeed back in the field: its ambitions and contradictions were most authentic. Our short analysis this month concludes the year will attempt to unravel these complexities and opportunities.

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