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Samaúma Initiative

Just as the roots of the Samaúma tree, originating from the Amazon, extend and intertwine in the soil, our initiative aims to establish a network of support and opportunities for young leaders.

About the Program

The Samaúma Initiative is a training program organized by Pour Le Brésil and the Paris School of International Affairs, aimed at young female leaders in the Amazon Region.


The project is structured around two pillars:

  1. An academic training that seeks to equip them with theoretical and practical knowledge about public policy and international advocacy.
  2. A one-year English language training program.


The program also aims to highlight the intersection of topics related to democracy, climate, and new technologies to explore possibilities for creating innovative and more effective solutions to address climate challenges.


The program has so far focused on eight extraordinary people :

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Karla Braga

Karla Braga is environmental engineer, co-founder, and director of the COJOVEM Institute. She is also a youth ambassador for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).


Hannah Baliero

Hannah Balieiro is a biologist and executive director of the Mapinguari Institute. She lives on the banks of the Amazon River in Amapá and was born in Belém-PA. She builds her activism on popular education and political advocacy from the local to the global.

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Vitória Pinheiro

Vitória Pinheiro is a non-binary transgender climate activist from Manaus. She is the Regional Focal Point for Latin America and the Caribbean at CYCSC. She is a Young Leader of the European Commission in Climate and Energy, and has been part of the Global Shapers Community since 2017

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Deyse Kelly

Deyse Kelly is an agricultural technician from IFAM and originally from Presidente Figueiredo, Amazonas. She is currently a facilitator for the Sauim Network, a network of young people from the Amazon Biosphere Reserve - a project supported by the Vitória Amazônica Foundation and UNESCO.

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Mariana Guimarães

Mariana Guimarães is a socio-environmentalist and holds a Master's degree in Communication from UFPA. She is the executive director of Mandí, based in Belém (PA). She works on the agendas of basic sanitation, the climate crisis, and the right to the city, based on research into socio-environmental mobilization and political articulation.

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Joice Pimentel

Joice Pimentel, or Wira, is an indigenous Baré woman, a nursing technician from Manaus. She is a member of the Sauim Network, the Youth Network of the Amazon Biosphere Reserve - a project supported by the Vitória Amazônica Foundation and UNESCO.


Gabrielly Lima

Gabrielly Lima is from Manaus, an internationalist with a specialization in project management in the third sector. She is the coordinator of SDSN Jovem Amazônia and is currently part of the mobilization team of the Movimento Amazônia de Pé no NOSSAS.


Ana Danielly

Ana Danielly Silva Santos is a field technician at the Rural Family House in São Félix do Xingu and is part of Imaflora's technical team working in the Upper Xingu region.

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Our Classes

The training includes sessions delivered by academics from Sciences Po and other partner institutions, as well as experienced professionals from various fields.

Through the network provided by the project, we aim to provide the necessary foundations for these leaders to make a lasting impact in their communities and become role models in their areas of expertise.


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