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Claudia Andujar


Nosso trabalho

After a year's theoretical understanding of the Amazon, through research and workshops, Pour le Brésil had the opportunity to discover the region with its own eyes in August 2023. 

It was an opportunity to meet the people and organizations with whom we were in contact, but also to delve deeper into a subject we hold dear: youth.


What's the current state of Amazonian youth?


What do they want?


How are they mobilizing?

Through a series of discussions in Belém, Alter-do-chão, Manaus, Tefé and Porto-velho, to name but a few, we got to know their struggles and proposals for a region that is more inclusive, equitable and mindful of environmental balance.

a glance of our initiative :


01 . Belém

Amazonian youths

Pour Le Brésil's first event in the Amazon region took place on August 7 at the headquarters of the Society for Human Rights, in the Guamá district of Belém (Pará), in partnership with the Fundo DEMA.

02 . Alter-do-Chão

Amazonian youths

Pour Le Brésil's second event took place on August 11 in the town of Alter-do-chão on the coast of the Tapajós River, near Santarém (Pará), in partnership with the feminist, activist and musical group the Suraras de Tapajós.

Santarém imagem_edited_edited.jpg
PLB ALTER DO CHAO 1_edited_edited.jpg

03 . Manaus

Amazonian youths

The third Pour Le Brésil event in the Amazon took place at the headquarters of the Sustainable Amazon Fund (FAS) on August 18, in the city of Manaus, in the state of Amazonas.

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