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Crossing the boundaries of academia

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Transatlantic Dialogues

From Paris to the Amazon, Pour Le Brésil's “Transatlantic Dialogues” program aims to constitute a front for academic and cultural exchange by promoting a space for dialogue between Amazonian students and Sciences Po Paris students. Our scholarship program is an opportunity to give prominence to Amazonian youth in Europe, promoting their demands and proposals, in addition to proposing a training program for current and future leaders in the region. In addition, we also want Sciences Po students to be able to learn and understand the reality of the Amazon with people who are there, experiencing the challenges of the region.


Registration for the first edition of "Transatlantic Dialogues" is now open! Check out the selection process and register now or disclose to interested parties:

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More Information

The project will take place in person during the month of July 2023, concurrently with the Sciences Po Summer School classes and jointly led by the Pour Le Brésil team.

The project includes the selection of 05 university students from the Amazon region via the selection process detailed in the public notice, for Sciences Po's "Summer School" program and for parallel events such as conferences, round tables and debates with the participation of those selected.



Registration: 12/01/2022-01/07/2023

Selection of pre-approved candidates: 01/07/2023-01/13/2023

Interviews with pre-approved candidates: 01/14/2023-01/24/2023

Results of those selected: 01/27/2023



Summer School and other academic events: 07/03/2023-07/29/2023

For more details access the Selection Process 2023.

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