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Crossing the boundaries of academia

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Transatlantic Dialogues

From Paris to the Amazon, Pour Le Brésil's “Transatlantic Dialogues” program aims to constitute a front for academic and cultural exchange by promoting a space for dialogue between Amazonian students and Sciences Po Paris students. Our scholarship program is an opportunity to give prominence to Amazonian youth in Europe, promoting their demands and proposals, in addition to proposing a training program for current and future leaders in the region. In addition, we also want Sciences Po students to be able to learn and understand the reality of the Amazon with people who are there, experiencing the challenges of the region.

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The Transatlantic Dialogues will take place in person during the month of July 2024, concurrently with the Sciences Po Summer School classes and jointly led by the Pour Le Brésil team.

The project includes the selection of 05 university students from the Amazon region via the selection process detailed in the public notice, for Sciences Po's "Summer School" program and for parallel events such as conferences, round tables and debates with the participation of those selected.


The selection process had 203 applications, 37 interviews and 5 selected studentes.


The 2024 program has approved five extraordinary people :


Bianca Miranda

Bianca is an undergraduate student in the 9th semester of the law course at the University Center of the State of Pará (CESUPA). She is a member of CESUPA's Human Rights Clinic, and a researcher in the area of international human rights law. She was the former coordinator of the Legal Islands extension project, which provides free legal aid to riverside and quilombola communities; and the former coordinator of the Pará Legal Academic League. She has experience of volunteering in projects aimed at democratizing education, defending vulnerable groups and raising awareness of minority rights.


Davison Sicsu

Davison Sicsu is the proud son of a riverside family from Parintins, Amazonas. Davison holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Amazonas State University and a postgraduate degree in Human Rights. Over the last 12 years, his career has been dedicated to working in the area of human rights and social impact, with experience in civil society organizations, international bodies and UN agencies. As a polyglot, Davison Sicsu uses the languages he masters to work internationally as an activist for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community, gender equity, sustainable development in the Amazon and the expansion of youth protagonism in politics.


Gio D'Ângelo

Gio D'Angelo was born in Manaus - Amazonas. He graduated as a biologist from the Federal University of Amazonas, where he carried out research on ecology and the diversity of butterflies in the Amazon region. He is currently studying for a master's degree in Entomology at the National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA), where he works with myrmecology, the study of the biology, ecology and taxonomy of ants. In addition, Gio is an independent visual artist, so he mainly uses the India ink technique to represent insects from the Amazon fauna through an artistic and immersive vision. As a non-binary trans person, Gio participates in activist collectives in favor of the rights, permanence and visibility of LGBTQIAP+ people in higher education institutions.


Mariana Malheiros

Mariana Malheiros, 21, is from Amapá and has lived in Alter do Chão, Pará, for three years. She is studying Environmental Sciences at the Federal University of Western Pará and is studying the biodiversity of ecotourism trails in the Tapajós FLONA. As activist and environmental educator at the Mureru Eco Amazônia Institute, she conducts talks and lectures on water and climate justice for young people from public schools in Santarém. She is a carimbó percussionist, active in the popular culture of Alter do Chão, and co-founded the Potira Collective, which produces video reports on environmental impacts and those most affected by climate change in western Pará.


Olga Barros

Olga Barros is 22 years old and from São Luís do Maranhão. She is the Executive Coordinator of the Mandingueiros do Amanhã Cultural and Educational Center, and a law student at the Federal University of Maranhão, Director of Cultural Events and Social Actions at the Academic Center of this course, researcher, human rights activist and percussionist. As coordinator of Mandingueiros, she seeks to preserve and transmit the ancestral knowledge of Capoeira Angola and the most diverse cultural manifestations in the state of Maranhão, to children and teenagers in São Luís/MA and in quilombola communities. This allows her to experience the role of culture on the lives of children and young people, and the impact of their relationship with ancestral knowledge, the environment and society.





Honorary Board

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Izabella Teixeira

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Maria Hermínia de Almeida

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Txai Surui

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Victor do Prado

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